Visio Divina | Contemplative Prayer

Visio Divina | Contemplative Prayer

September 3, 2022

Grace Church Canton, New York is starting up a Visio Divina on the first Saturday of the month, for the fall months beginning on September 4th, then Oct/Nov/Dec from approx. 10:00 - 11:15 AM: as we're expecting to be in person we've preemptively blocked out the likely "snow/ice" months of the North Country.

"Visio divina is a form of divine seeing in which we prayerfully invite God to speak to our hearts as we look at an image. As we gaze together at an image, you will be offered some questions for silent reflection, some of which may speak to you, while others you may choose to ignore.  At the end of the visio divina, you will be invited to share a word or phrase to express your experience of the image." (

Effectively, our goal is to offer contemplative prayer with a Christian focus however and so we welcome any who might come along to share in this prayer time with us. Hence, anyone who is comfortable with Christian prayer hosted by a church is welcome no matter their beliefs in God, or for that matter their lack of beliefs.

All we ask is that people are respectful and loving of each other.

9 East Main Street
Canton, New York 13617
(315) 386 3714

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