Genesis Bible Study

Genesis Bible Study

January 13, 2022

The Thursday Night Bible Study Group will be reconvening on Thursday, 21st of October at 7:00 PM; typically our sessions will run until 8:30 PM even though we're usually excited about what we're studying to go even longer.

Our principal focus will be on the text itself however we'll try to draw our attention to some outside sources that may enhance our understanding or provide more material to ponder (there was an absolute wealth of material about Genesis before the advent of the Internet).

We are embarking on a study of the first book of the Old Testament - it is an exciting story - and I suspect after looking at Genesis' two primary divisions:

  1. The primeval story and
  2. The story of the patriarchs

...we'll want to sojourn a little while in Exodus, right up to the moment when God's people settle in the Promised Land; but alas, I'm getting ahead of myself.

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